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Our Board of Directors – Our Community Cares Camp


Connie van Eeghen, Secretary 
​Connie van Eeghen is a researcher and educator in public health, working at the University of Vermont and through her private consulting firm, Richmond Cove, LLC.  Her focus is on fostering and sustaining performance improvement in not-for profit, public, and for-profit service organizations.  All effective change depends on people who are able to strive for long term outcomes and work towards short term gains.  All people depend on their communities of support; children are no exception.  If fact, the support of children, and sustained investment in their futures, is a critical measure of their communities.   To make a long term difference in the world, I believe we must make a long term difference in the lives of the children in our community.  OCCC is an exceptional example of how to do this.

Mark Carbone, President 
Michael A. Dooling, Vice President
Linda M. Parent, Treasurer
Marie L. B. Thomas, Executive Director 
Mary F. O’Neil
Karen Clark